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Naval Ravikant

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Cryptocurrencies – Basics of Investing

For some time, mainly from 2015 until the end of 2017 – it used to be an extremely trendy and readable topic. As in the case of many online trends, the interest in cryptographic currencies has also triggered the creation of many blogs and websites which want to monetize the fuss generated on the web. And although the cryptocurrency boom is over now, many people want to learn the basics of investing in cryptocurrencies.

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Things to avoid in a blog about investing

Blogging may no longer be as popular as a few years ago, but it still may be a very profitable form of expressing one’s views. This is very accurate for blogs with any kind of advice: on smart time management, cooking, or relationships. But not everyone who starts blogging knows how to do it right. Here is the list of x things to avoid in blogging about investments:

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How to multiply money on Instagram – a company

Making money through Instagram is associated with influencers, however, at the moment every serious company has an account on this service. Instagram helps to get to the recipients, especially young people, and therefore potentially still unsettled consumers. Yet how can a company earn money on Instagram?

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Learn how to multiply money on the stock exchange

Compared to the Forex market or alternative investments, the stock exchange is considered to be a very forward-looking direction, less demanding specialized skills related to economics and more friendly to ordinary people. However, the stock exchange has its own rules, the violation of which may result in the loss of all savings. We present 10 principles that you need to know in order to invest in the stock market.

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What’s worth knowing about investing in the company’s brand?

Branding, or creating a brand strategy, is nowadays one of the mandatory elements of marketing. Many entrepreneurs claim that branding should be launched even before the company is established. They argue that a catchy name or creative logo attracts customers of niche brands and builds a bond with the customer from the first contact. But what should you pay attention to when investing in your brand?

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What’s worth knowing about investing in diamonds?

Allegedly, diamonds won’t age or lose their shine even when the last plastic bag and can of Coca Cola in biodegraded. But nothing comes easy. Mining for a single-carat diamond requires digging through several hundred tons of ore. Nevertheless, digging them up is considered an extremely profitable business. Most importantly, diamonds are a rare non-renewable resource, so they are ideal for long-term capital investment.


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